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Thompson Design Services is a Registered Design Firm with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing employing BCIN qualified designers in the field of residential and commercial remodelling serving clients throughout Ontario.

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Building Permit Construction Drawings

Residential - Interior remodelling, additions, accessory apartments - Exterior remodelling, garages, sheds, decks

Interior Design Construction Drawings

Residential - Built-in cabinetry, storage solutions, home office designs.

Living In PlaceĀ 

Residential - Analysis and recommendations for ageing in comfort at home.

Project Management

On site project supervision and scheduling of the trades.


Construction Drawings

For a complete set of Working Drawings, from building a deck, basement, home renovation, home additions to building a new home or cottage, my price ranges depending on the complexity of the drawings.

Initial Interview (free of charge)

We meet at your home or property to discuss your ideas and scope of the project. Depending on the complexity of the project and drawings an accurate quote for the design work and time frame to complete the various phases of the design is provided at the initial interview.

Phase 1: Preliminary Design

The initial concepts are explored, with sketches and drawings to illustrate the basic elements of the design. Includes site visits to determine measurements, research of local planning requirements for zoning, setbacks, heights, etc.

Phase 2 : Design Development

The preliminary drawings are refined and expanded, specifying materials, finishes and fixtures within the budget. If required, outside specialists such as engineers or trades may be brought into the project.

Phase 3 : Final Construction Drawings

Three hardcopy sets of documents with are provided. If the drawings are required for a building permit a signed BCIN stamp is applied. We ensure the local building department and contractor (if known) clearly understand the details of the design.


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